Let's prioritize support for seniors

To the Editor

Congratulations on your editorial “urgent care” pointing out the unacceptable wait time for our failing seniors to get into long term care. Also to Laurie Scott for sounding the alarm over shortage of long-term care beds.  These problems are clearly evident in our area.

Stronger home support services and senior housing in our area are definitely a high priority. However I think Kim Stamp pointed out a week ago that perhaps some of the $2 million to be spent on new medical information system might be better used at the human suffering end. This is clearly pointed out by Joan Grant in her letter this week as she tries to care for her failing Mom.

What a frightening future we face as aging seniors who may soon have to accept sub standard care in hospitals and long term care homes simply because there are not enough staff. That would be if we are lucky enough to get a bed in one. Please understand this is no fault of the caring staff who work there it is just there are not enough of them to give adequate care compassion and kindness to those placed in their charge.

As we come to the end of a long trail it is difficult to accept this may be our final stand.  Perhaps it would not be so bad after all (tongue in cheek) to be sent to sea on an ice float.*

Joan Cameron
*I am aware there is no evidence to support the claim this actually happened.