Let’s share community promotional space

February 3 2015

The Highlands are an amazing place to live. One look at anycommunity bulletin board covered with flyers and posters will show thewide variety of events fundraisers and opportunities being organizedand offered on an ongoing basis. For those of us that are involved inpromoting the activities of non-profit organizations these boards arean important resource for getting the word out. Recently it has becomemore and more difficult to do that because of the limited promotional“real estate” and the way that it is being used by some organizations.Larger posters – larger than 8 ½ x 11 – take up more than their fairshare of promotional space especially when that space is limited.Additionally some events have two or three flyers/posters on everyboard in sight. Please be sensitive to the efforts of otherorganizations and their hard working volunteers: design flyers andposters that “fit in” the local promotional landscape and leave spacefor others to promote their hard work as well.

Thom Lambert