It's time to consider democracy

To the Editor

School’s out but citizens concerned with democracy have homework over the summer.
What electoral system best serves democracy? Well not one concerned largely with finding a winner not even a winner with a majority of the votes. Representative democracy is about fairly representing all significant points of view in the nation not just the winners in 338 separate fiefdoms. There can be no winners because there should not be losers. Even the minority viewpoint must be fairly represented. And that’s how we make our best decisions when all significant points of view are represented in the place where decisions are made Parliament.

If we must form an opinion we must be fully informed. Political parties must tell us what they think best. Show leadership. Town hall discussions are fine but there must be a two way communication. Keep the broad principles fully in view.
Consider the country is badly balkanized when we can only elect one representative among 338. We can’t even directly elect the leader of any party let alone the leader of the government.

Democracy deserves better. Referendums hotly contested but poorly researched or resourced are not good enough.
And it seems our homework is due in October when the Electoral Reform Committee of Parliament will present the results of our work and theirs.
So spare some time for democracy this summer. And do your homework.

Jim Milne