Great memories at the Slipper

To the Editor

Re:  Dance Pavilion
I read with a smile and fun in my heart the articles by JoAnn Sloan and Ed Burke.
Ms. Sloan brings out a social difference in the raising of children between “yesterday” and the modern times of “today.”  As children we did have more on our own freedom in the 1940s and ‘50s.
Ed spoke of a time when dancing was a wonderful dating and entertaining activity.
The “Boot” was where you learned your social position how to date and how to dance.
You met persons of the opposite sex from both outside of and inside Haliburton.
Harold Broadhagen was more than one of the  musicians.  He also ran a boat (the Queen Mary I believe) from the public dock to the “Dirty Boot” and returned after the dance was over.  While you danced with your date you would imagine the trip back to town.  “I’d like to get you on a slow boat to. . . .”
There were rough times and events at the Slipper but mostly it was fun.

David M. Bishop