Forest staff working with team on building permit issue

To the Editor

Over the last two weeks a wide range of opinions and positions have been published in local newspapers. We are grateful for those who expressed support for Haliburton Forest respectful of those who did not and in agreement with those who called for a way forward.
Our top priority right now is working towards a resolution with the chief building official and Dysart et al.
Accordingly we have brought together an experienced and qualified team to examine the buildings and engage the chief building official on a technical level.
The team includes professional architects a former senior municipal official as well as an experienced builder who has worked with Haliburton Forest for several years. We have a positive perspective and we think that these are the right people to find solutions to the technical issues raised by the chief building official.
At this point our team has reached out to the chief building official and we are waiting to hear about when he will be available to meet with us. We are hopeful that the meeting will be productive and soon.

Malcolm Cockwell
Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve