First responders unsung heroes

To the Editor

My family and I have lived on the narrows for a few years. It is not a rare circumstance to hear snowmobiles going by at all hours of the day and night as soon as the ice sets. This past Friday at 3 a.m. a pair of men went through the thin ice plunging into the middle of the narrows.
My family and I were awoken by the voices of the Haliburton Fire Department and EMS staff running to their rescue. Their selflessness bravery and dedication rescued these men from the water like a well-oiled machine. They were organized calm and professional in a time of sheer panic.

The men and women of the rescue crew quietly went back to their regular day-time jobs the next morning. Back to their normal morning routines and schedules as if it was just another day. I imagine this type of incident is a common thing for our rescue team to encounter and that they would consider it “just part of the job” but I can’t help to shout from the rooftops “thank you!”
Thank you for making our families feel a little bit safer and for turning a tragic scenario into a happy one.
We are so thankful that these unsung heroes live right here in Haliburton.

Laura Neilson