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By Angelica Ingram

As spring creeps into the air – well we at least hope it will soon – thoughts of summer are not too far off.
And with summer comes long warm nights bonfires and fun filled weekends.

It’s no secret that life in cottage country means that once the Victoria long-weekend arrives things tend to get a little bit hectic.
The roads have more cars on them the grocery store lineups get longer and getting a table at your favourite restaurant might not be as easy as say in February.
However some of the best things about life in the Highlands in the summer are all the events that take place from May to October.

Yes hardly a weekend goes by without something to keep you busy whether it’s a theatre performance art show bluegrass festival or much more.
This year is shaping up to be no different as two new events were introduced last week to two different councils.
One a drum festival is being proposed to take place in Haliburton this summer and was met with enthusiasm by Dysart council.
On the eastern part of the county a carnival is being organized over the civic holiday weekend by various volunteer organizations to raise funds for different causes.
The carnival is set to take place in Wilberforce and may include a concert rides a flea market and more.

One of the carnival’s organizers Curtis Tighe told the paper the event will be similar to a past event known as Country Good Times.
Like many events in our area Country Good Times took a toll on the volunteers who drove it eventually running out of steam.
Tighe is hoping to bring back the magic of a once successful event with a reincarnated vision.
The story of Country Good Times is not uncommon as so many events in this community are dependent on volunteer time and resources which is often overburdened and limited.

So when a new idea or event is brought forward by a group of people it’s imperative to show some support and get behind the cause.
Recently news broke that the annual Forest Festival will not be taking place this summer.
The festival’s exit which is unfortunate is all the more reason new events should be given our support.

The unique initiatives that take place in Haliburton County including the Highlands Summer Festival the Minden Bluegrass Festival Hike Haliburton Katie’s Run and so much more are what make our area distinct and appealing for cottagers tourists and year round residents alike.