Design Dilemmas

Q : While snowbirding in Florida we keep up to date by reading County Life online we were wondering if we could send our design dilemma from our Florida Home to the design corner.

On our front porch can we get some advice on what colour we should paint our front door and a new light fixture? The colour of our siding is a light grey with white trim. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Elaine and Heather

A : Dear snowbirds

It is wonderful that while you are escaping to the warm weather in Florida you are still connected to the Highlands by reading County Life online!

Your front porch could really use some warm coastal colours to spruce it up.  When I think of Florida I think of the fabulous colours of Matlacha or the seaside motifs that are embellished across soft furnishings.  Your front door painted a fabulous coral like Fan Coral by Benjamin Moore would be an amazing first start at introducing colour into your porch.  To address your lighting needs your need to measure your junction box from the roof (ceiling) line to make sure your fixture does not touch or look cramped in.  I recommend a downward hanging lamp like Quoizel’s Booker Lantern which bring the eye down from roof or ceiling line.

Repeating the coral colour into the fabrics of your wicker furniture will begin to tie everything together.  Thibault’s Cabana Cloth in coral is a perfect partner to the new front door and a fabulous outdoor fabric that will withstand the elements.  To pull it all together some accents of complimenting blue with coastal details like Pier 1’s Surin Coral pillow and viola you have a true coastal front porch that references the beauty of the  “Sunshine State”.

Enjoy the weather as it has been chilly back home!

Thanks for writing in to Design Dilemmas.

Andria Cowan Molyneaux

ACM Designs

Andria Cowan Molyneaux is an accredited interior decorator designer and certified aging in place specialist (CAPS) and has been accredited by the Canadian Decorators’ Association (CDECA) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Upholding a strict code of ethics Andria is uniquely familiar with the strategies and techniques for designing and building aesthetically pleasing barrier-free living environments. For more information please contact Andria by calling toll free 1-844-414-lake or by visiting or emailing

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Lighting: Quoizel Booker Lantern