Crosswalk well placed

To the Editor

Re:  “Scratching our heads” Haliburton Echo Dec. 15

I would surmise from this letter that Baked and Battered are disappointed with the decision of the engineer hired to do a study and our township council’s decision as to the best place for a second crosswalk in town. Baked and Battered have suggested that it should be placed opposite the traffic entrance/exit for the municipal lot and opposite their business.

When this entrance/exit was originally constructed it was made extra wide for the use of vehicles towing trailers etc. when  launching their boats and not for pedestrian traffic. The “throngs of people” exiting the park have always exited at the wide well constructed stairs leading to Highland Street and the main businesses of Haliburton Village.

If I am not mistaken there is a flashing caution light located at this corner.  I believe the sign outside of their establishment points to parking in the rear.  Did they not just increase the seating at their business while believing that crossing the road was a problem? Does this not make them responsible for their customers crossing the road when they cannot find parking in the rear?

I surmise that businesses are normally required to provide parking on site or pay in lieu based upon occupancy.  Looking at the Baked and Battered parking lot and the increased seating I wonder how the required spaces provided or paid in lieu by Baked and Battered meet these requirements.

They hint that the “municipality (that would be the people) may be liable” and the engineers hired to make the appropriate decision are not looking after the best interests of all of our community. I beg to differ.

Bill Beatty

Drag Lake