Concert does not belong here

To the Editor

Regarding an article in the Echo condemning the Ministry of Transportation according to music festival promoters I would like to comment on this. Instead of making it look like the ministry is the bad guys here let’s think of the facts. The highway is unsafe for this use.

It is about time a division of our government actuality takes the safety concerns of the public seriously. There have been numerous accidents on this stretch of highway and now you want to add 10000 to 20000 people to the mix? How do residents receive essential services with that much traffic on the road? How many of these will be impaired or hung over navigating blind curves? Have the promoters of this festival taken into account the safety of the residents or are dollar signs clouding their view? What is the dollar value of our lives or that of our children’s? Why is this the only spot in Haliburton County suitable for this? Are blind curves and no suitable secondary roads to take a prerequisite for  having a music festival? What’s wrong with the straight road and ample land across from the Pinestone?

I find it very hard to believe that the people who come to rock festivals are going to be looking for accommodations when camping is available or that they are going to spend a casual day shopping especially with that amount of traffic they won’t be able to get out or back in.

Most are just going to stay and party. So before any fingers are pointed at the MTO remember this: it could be your life they’re saving.

Angie Steckle
West Guilford