Branding campaign takes the cake

May 12 2015

I read with disbelief last week’s article in the Echo aboutOntario’s Highlands Tourism Organization’s summer campaign launch“Welcome to Nowhere.”
I’ll tell you where nowhere is…when you live inthe city and feel depressed. That’s when you feel like you’re stuck innowhere!
In my previous career I spent 12 years in various sales andmarketing capacities in the hotel industry and then started a Torontobased hotel and resort representation business which I ran for almost20 years.
During that time I saw many branding campaigns come and gobut this one takes the cake!
OHTO’s marketing agency has obviouslymissed the boat. I believe asking tourists to go “nowhere” is bothnegative and disengaging not to mention demeaning.
Plus what is thebenefit of going nowhere? What is the draw? I don’t know whose “nowherestate of mind” they’re referring to but what I do know is that thiscampaign doesn’t make sense and needs a re-think.

Dave Allen