A bear the size of a big pig is captured on security camera footage at the Drag Lake cottage of Jeannie Glover. Glover woke up to the bear in her house on Aug. 11./Submitted photo

Bear returns to Drag Lake cottage

By Jenn Watt

This story is an update to a story published in the Aug. 25 issue of the Haliburton Echo.

Although Jeannie and Steve Glover had hoped the black bear that broke into their Drag Lake cottage in August wouldn’t be back, it seems it just can’t stay away.

The bear initially broke into the cottage on Aug. 11, entering through the screen door on the couple’s bedroom and wandering into the ensuite bathroom. Jeannie woke to find the bear on its way out of her bedroom, leaving the same way it came in. She said the encounter was over very quickly and the bear seemed to have no fear of humans.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry had set a trap for the bear, but was unsuccessful in capturing it.

“We had another reoccurrence of the bear visit this morning,” Steve wrote in an email to the Echo on Monday, Aug. 31. “This time the screen door was only open about 10 inches and the bear couldn’t get in.”

The MNRF was called again and their staff set another trap, but as of press time, they had taken it down again.

“We are worried about a return visit from the bear and don’t know that we have many other options,” Steve said.

Earlier in the summer, residents in the same general area reported vehicle break-ins, which were attributed to a bear that had learned how to open vehicle doors. Jeannie said she thought the same bear is responsible for all the reported break-ins.