A grammatical disgrace

January 27 2015

Dear County Tourism Committee Members

I was dismayed by the article in yesterday’s Echo telling us of thepromotional video that is being made. I wasn’t dismayed by the idea ofthe video itself as that’s a great idea. The problem is the use of thephrase “Unwind Local.”
It’s hard to believe that this can really portray the county in a favourable light. It’s a grammatical disgrace. Thearticle makes reference to the fact that it’s ungrammatical but thatyou’re prepared to let that go because this use of the language is atrend. If something is a trend but it’s not a good trend does that mean you still go with it? As my mother used to say if everyone is going to jump off the bridge are you just going to follow along?
Why not start a new trend and be trend-setters? Come up with something that portraysHaliburton County in the best possible light. I’ve read that you’retrying to attract people for upscale culinary experiences. How are theygoing to react to a slogan that is distinctly downscale that makes ussound like we’re local yokels? 
I understand from the article that thevideo that the committee viewed was a draft and that changes can bemade. I beg you to seriously reconsider the use of this phrase. MakeHaliburton County somewhere that people are attracted to not put offby.

Elaine Bell