Wearing a mask is for everyone

To the Editor,

Where have all the Canadians gone?
There was a time when I had a fair handle on what it meant to be a Canadian. We tolerated each other to a civil degree even when matters of politics or religion caused concerns and ranker. We had each other’s backs and supported common sense directions from those in authority again even though we may have had philosophical differences. Take the fact that as children we all lined up for Polio shots and low and behold, Polio is eradicated. I do not remember any freedom fighters in the 1950s.
I am not saying that these values have left our society all together, but those who would press their beliefs (whether supported by facts or not) on others without any consideration or respect seem to be gaining enough momentum that governments are swayed by vote mongering rather than the best interest of Canadian society.

Why am I on this tangent? Well, today the reason was very much foisted on me.
I simply refer to the fact that today I went shopping and because our premier chose to ignore science in favour of appeasing fringe opinion, he has lifted the mandate to wear a mask until we are sure that COVID is not a threat to the majority. Indeed, we are all tired of COVID and the insanity it has caused, whether by freedom fighters in Ottawa, etc., or the endless fears of COVID.
Quebec has extended its mandates and is acting in accordance with scientific advice on masks, etc. This is obviously the only intelligent decision, especially as the new strain BA.2 is the most virulent of all and filling their hospitals once more. In Ontario, votes and popularity seem more important. At the post office, I was greeted by freedom fighters who were in my face without masks, the grocery store was even more sad as most employees were maskless and some patrons chose to wander around, some coughing and showing their pride in being maskless.

I will continue to wear my approved mask, wash and alcohol cleanse my hands and keep my distance in places obviously cited by the scientists to be COVID hot zones.
To those who choose to ignore my health as well as that of their fellow Canadians, I can only wish you well and, if you know why some of us continue to follow the science rather than our perceived freedoms, I say that I am intent on doing my best to protect myself and even them.

Raymond Selbie