Stations of the Cross Tour prepares hearts for Easter

By Vivian Collings
Nine churches across the County will be participating in the third-annual Stations of the Cross Tour, a Christian celebration of the life, death, and ressurection of Jesus at Easter.
Each participating church will have pieces of local art on display that “represent Jesus’ journey to the Cross.”
Amy Turner, new minister of pastoral care at West Guilford Baptist Church, said Easter is a time of relfecting, renewing, and rejoicing.
“The Stations of the Cross event really facilitates all of these. Each station provides opportunities to look with fresh eyes on what it means that Jesus loves each and every one of us so deeply, so unimaginably much that he chose to die the death he did,” Turner said.
She has been in her role at the West Guilford church since June 2022 after moving from the city.
“I love Haliburton,” Turner said. “My husband grew up here and we’ve been coming back for family gatherings for over 20 years, so the area is familiar and one that I already have fond memories of.”
She is an artist herself and is inspired by the Haliburton landscape around her.
“It’s been one of the deepest joys of my life so far. The people I serve are so beautiful and the church community felt like family from the beginning. That wasn’t surprising given what a loving man Pastor Brian is,” she said.
Turner is looking forward to the Stations of the Cross tour and getting to show the County all of the meaningful art placed at each church.
Participating churches are Ingoldsby United Church, Lochlin United Church, St. George’s Anglican Church in Haliburton, St. Anthony’s of Padua Mission Church in Haliburton, Lakeside Church/Lighthouse Pentecostal Church in Haliburton, Northland Faith Church in Haliburton, Eagle Lake Community Church, and West Guilford Baptist Church.
For more information on each station and to view the map, visit