Overall Complete Detailing’s owner Christine Adrianne is ready to come to you to provide a range of services. Submitted by Christine Adrianne

Overall Complete Detailing is ready to come to you

Have all your detailing needs serviced by Overall Complete Detailing.
The mobile detailing company’s owner Christine Adrianne said her service is unique for the complete list of services it offers.
“We not only come to you with water and electricity, but we specialize in so much more then auto detailing! We are open to detailing just about anything from recreational vehicles, campers, trailers, automobiles, heavy machinery, docks and so much more,” she wrote in an email.
Adrianne said she originally started this company to serve farmers, so she could make their lives easier and enable them to be more profitable by keeping them working in their fields rather than having to leave their property to have their equipment cleaned..
I wanted to be the reason they got their ‘relaxing day she said.
Although she has had more than 20 customers, who have not been farmers, she is still driven to serve customers anyway she can since starting on April 27.

Her mantra: “What’s meant to be, will always work out.”
It doesn’t matter what the detailing job is, she said, we are here for our customers and if by chance we are busy, we make sure to provide a reference to a local that we trust.
“Our end goal, is now to be able to offer customers, as many detailing services as possible at once and to save them the trip or hassle of travel,” she wrote an email.
She noted how they went to a client’s house where they were asked to perform a “de-cluttering clean” and were asked to return to stain the floors.
She said, “We don’t really ever say, no!”
All employees have back ground checks every three months, and they have maintenance staff available upon request for an extra charge. Give them a call today for your free quote 705-455-7421.