Outdoor defibrillator installed giving 24/7 access in cardiac emergencies

By Katrina Boguski

Past president of the Haliburton Rotary
club, Ted Brandon was on hand at Rotary
Park in Haliburton to explain the significance
of having a new defibrillator
installed outdoors.
The device was installed on the outside
wall of the the visitors’ centre, making it
easily accessible in the event of an emergency.
Brandon noted that Rotary Park
regularly hosts large gatherings attended
by the public. The location of the defibrillator
means that it will be on hand should
an emergency involving a cardiac arrest
take place there.

Rotary was one of the organizations
which funded the visitors’ centre initially,
and Brandon said that the intent was to
make it a central place of convenience for
tourists and locals visiting the park. This
new device brings an added layer of security
and demonstrates that concern for
visitors extends far beyond the bare minimum.
Brandon stated that Rotary Club member,
Phil Carroll, was instrumental in
instigating the defibrillator project and
helped see it through to completion.
Funds to purchase the equipment came
from money left over from Rotary’s initial
fundraising campaign. Carroll, and those
supporting the decision to make the purchase,
recognized that this device could
fill a need in the community.

One significant feature of this device
is its location outdoors. While there are
several defibrillators available for public
use throughout Haliburton, these others
are located indoors at buildings that
would be locked for several hours per
day. In times when some buildings are
still operating with reduced or unpredictable
hours, the location of the new device
adds even more assurance that a defibrillator
will be available when needed. Having
a device located outdoors means that
it is accessible 24/7 and 365 days a year.
Although the equipment is highly visible,
it should be safe from those who
might be tempted to tamper with it. Brandon
had a strong warning for any wouldbe
thieves saying “You should not mess
with this unless you want to go to jail.”
The device is equipped with a number of
safety and security features including a
GPS monitoring system. If it is ever stolen,
police will be able to track it down

The equipment also has technology to
help assist people who are using it on a
person experiencing a cardiac arrest. As
soon as the door on the case housing the
unit is opened, it will immediately trigger
a call to 911.
Once activated, the device gives people
voice instructions on how to use it.
The 911 operator will be able to hear these
instructions while they are being given to
the person attending the emergency. The
operator will also dispatch first responders
to the scene so that the good Samaritan
can focus on following the instructions
as they are being issued.

As the ambulance is on its way, the
operator can relay this information to the
paramedics so that when they arrive on
scene, they will have up-to-date information
on what has happened so far. Sensors
built into the machine will prevent it from
operating if the person is not having a cardiac
arrest. Brandon encouraged people
to have the confidence to use the defibrillator
in an emergency given the number
of fail safe features and the instructions it