There are no plans for the temporary construction road built along Highway 118 in Haliburton to allow for slope repairs to be made into a walkway following construction. /VIVIAN COLLINGS Staff

No walkway planned following construction on 118

By Vivian Collings

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Municipality of Dysart public works department do not have plans to create a walkway following road rehabilitation on Highway 118 along Head Lake in Haliburton.

The section of road outside the Gardens of Haliburton is just one part of the highway being repaired; a project under MTO’s Ontario Highways Program.

“Highway 118, from Carnarvon to Haliburton, is currently being rehabilitated. This work includes pavement rehabilitation and slope stabilization and improvements to intersections, drainage and guiderail,” said MTO communications advisor Dakota Brasier.

A temporary roadway is being built for construction vehicles between the highway and the lake, and is a requirement for a proper embankment to be built to restabilize this section of road.

“The embankment will become a permanent part of the final slope stabilization, but the temporary access roads will be removed,” Brasier said. “The ministry is not planning a walkway at this location.”

All trees were removed between Head Lake and Highway 118 in the summer to allow for this construction to take place.

Rob Camelon, director of public works for the Municipality of Dysart, said, “The municipality has no plans for construction of a walkway along the new construction along Highway 118 currently.”

Work on this section of the highway is expected to be complete by the end of 2023.