Love brought new reporter to Ontario

James Matthews is the Local Journalism Initiative reporter working with The Haliburton Echo, The Minden Times, and County Life.
A transplanted Newfoundlander, Matthews moved to Ontario about 10 years ago after a time spent shivering in Iqaluit, Nunavut. As such stories go, he was lured from the Arctic by the affections and sweet laughter of a woman. She’s now his wife for as long as she can tolerate him.
He is a published novelist and short story scribbler who has written for daily and weekly newspapers in Newfoundland and Ontario.
Matthews hopes to be on staff here for many years to come.
“Perhaps it’s the first step toward moving to Haliburton County and a blissful cottage country life,” he said. “Who knows, maybe I’ll finally be counted as one of the cool kids.”
That’s the form introductory blurb above, as glib as it is. But White Pine Media, well, they expect more. And rightfully so. And that’s why I think I’ll learn much by being on the masthead here. Karen London in production makes us look good every week. Darren Lum asks the questions of us we should’ve asked them, the people interviewed for the readership. David Zilstra offers the support a staff needs to work well together. And Vivian Collings has cut her teeth growing up here and, as such, is an effective resource to a hapless Newfoundlander trying to make it in a mainlander’s world.
Counted among the important things in life are the connections one makes. Some such connections are as soft as a smile, while others are as raspy as sandpaper. They’re all the measure of a life. And I’m looking forward to meeting the personalities and telling the stories of Haliburton County for, as with the missus, as long as you’ll tolerate me.
My name’s James Matthews.
Good to meet you.