Haliburton & District Lions Club members Gail Stelter (left), Tina Hadley (centre) and Gerald Hadley (right) pitched up in front of Glecoff’s on Friday afternoon as they launched their Button Up With the Lions fundraiser. Purchase a pin today for $5! /MIKE BAKER STAFF

Lions club calling on community to show their love for Haliburton

By Mike Baker

A new fundraiser is giving local residents the opportunity to show just how much they love Haliburton.

The Haliburton & District Lions Club kicked off their Button Up with the Lions initiative last week, selling pins with the message ‘I love Haliburton’ for $5.

“This fundraiser is unique in that it celebrates Haliburton, identifies the wearers as ambassadors, and demonstrates our caring for our hometown,” said Lions club member Gail Stelter. “Many years ago I was involved with the Girl Guides of Canada, and we did this as a fundraiser then. I had forgotten all about it until I was cleaning out a drawer one day recently and found a button. So I brought it to a meeting, presented it to the Lions Club and they loved it.”

She added, “It was very successful all those years ago, because it just supports your community.”

A team of three volunteers were set up outside Glecoff’s Family Store on Highland St. on Friday evening, where they enjoyed a successful launch, with dozens of buttons sold. Stelter says the Lions will have a presence downtown every Friday and Saturday throughout June, where residents can stop by to purchase a pin.

The money raised through this initiative will support the Lions’ many programs across Haliburton County.

“This will go to all of our projects and things we do at the club, which varies from helping individuals through our health and welfare fund, having an emergency fund for tragedies such as a fire, and helping other service clubs and people in town who are doing worthwhile things,” Stelter said. “The money will also help to fund our own service projects, which are very dear to our heart. Right now we’re focusing on our Enchanted Forest service project at Abbey Gardens. We also have our Reading Action program at our libraries, and we do hope to once again, this summer, be able to do our Stories in the Park funfair.”

Stelter has 1,000 buttons to sell, which, if successful, would add $5,000 to the Lions club’s coffers.

She believes the community will step up and ensure the fundraiser is a success – after all, who doesn’t love Haliburton?

“Especially during these times, with such negativity, it’s a positive message to put out to the community,” Stelter said. “And Haliburton really is a great community. I love it for so many reasons. I love the natural beauty of Haliburton. I love being amongst the forest and the lakes. I love Haliburton because of the people – they’re so friendly, kind to one another and caring of one another. I love Haliburton because it’s fun.”

To purchase a button, contact Gail Stelter at gatesstelter@gmail.com, or call 705-455-2772.