Letters to the editor: Dec. 8

The following is a letter to the editor published in the Dec.8 issue of the Haliburton County Echo.

Focusing on the wrong government

To the Editor,

This Letter to the Editor is in response to the letter in the Dec.1 issue of the Echo from Greg J. Roe, who apparently represents “Concerned Citizens of Haliburton”

 In his letter to the editor of December 1, Mr. Roe correctly raises the point that governments are often known to “never waste a good crisis” to pass legislation that otherwise may not pass without strong opposition.

 However, instead of focusing on the Ford government, he might want to take a look at Ottawa and what the Trudeau government is doing to destroy our country, as we knew it. 

 The Liberals are blatantly taking advantage of this pandemic to not only slide certain bills through Parliament, but to completely change the way our democratic, capitalistic (capitalism pays the bills!) way of life. One of the Liberal government’s strategies is to never let the truth get in the way of buying the next election with taxpayers’ own money.

 But maybe Mr. Roe did consider writing about the Trudeau Liberals, but quickly realized that such a letter would fill this newspaper several times over.

 Another government deserving of criticism for seeking to push through important legislation during the pandemic is right here in Haliburton, where the county seems to be rushing its proposed shoreline preservation bylaw, when I believe appropriate laws already exist to preserve the shorelines and prevent inappropriate building too close to the water. Perhaps if more time and dollars were spent actually enforcing the existing bylaws, we would not need a new one.

Dave Love
Haliburton Lake