HHSS hosts week-long fundraiser, Support Ukraine Week

By Darren Lum

High school students are opening their arms, embracing the mindset to help Ukraine with a series of fundraising activities this week, with money donated to the Red Cross Canada.
Yesterday (May 2), the event started with a bake sale where sales contributed to the cause, followed with Floral Day when students will be encouraged wear florals and there is a floral crown making session on Tuesday, Yellow Day when everyone is encouraged to wear yellow and live music will be performed at lunch on Wednesday, Blue Day when everyone wears blue and a dramatic presentation is made on Thursday, and Jersey Day, which included everyone encouraged to wear a sports jersey, a barbecue and teachers following through on wagers for money raised on Friday.
The idea for this effort to raise money for the Red Cross to benefit people in Ukraine, which started on Monday with a public bake sale, was from a “brainstorming session” held for Leadership Class students and members of the school’s Interact Team, who have since received additional help from other classes and organizations.

Interact president Cassidy McMullen-Szpik said this week is about raising awareness as much as it is about money.
“Firstly, the importance of this week for Interact is to bring awareness to what is actually happening in Ukraine, the importance of supporting Ukraine in this time of crisis, Ukraine’s culture as a country and the importance to indulge in other cultures than your own,” she wrote in an email. “As a student of HHSS and a citizen of Haliburton Highlands this week is important to me because even being a small community it shows how strong we are and how together, as a team, we can raise awareness to something much bigger than us.”
She adds the main point of the week was to recognize the tragedy that is taking place in Europe
“It may not be affecting us as students, teachers, or community members individually, however, people all over the world, in our community, and in our schools are being affected,” she wrote.
Although the bake sale was the only event open to the public, community members can donate to the Red Cross online via our HHSS website, she added.

HHSS teacher and the club’s faculty advisor Christine Carr said this is about empowering the students.
“For me, it’s important that students learn they can take on whatever they would like and work to make a difference in the world. Interact’s motto is “service above self” and that’s what this week is teaching them: how to put the goal of helping others at the forefront and how to become leaders and work to make a difference in causes they care about,” she wrote in an email.