Haliburton Highlands Health Services CEO Carolyn Plummer./FILE

Extend care to health services

To the Editor,

Dear friends and neighbours of Haliburton County,
The pandemic has been very hard on us all. Concern for our personal health and safety, as well as our loved ones, uncertainty about what lies ahead, and changing regulations – it has been a lot.
Through it all, healthcare workers (and many others in our community) have stepped up in countless ways. The incredible staff at Haliburton Highlands Health Services have been making an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ effort for nearly two years, and even though they are absolutely exhausted, they keep showing up for our community, day in and day out.

As I’ve said in the past, the best way to support them is to follow public health measures – get vaccinated, get boosted, wear a mask in public spaces, reduce your contact, physical distance, and wash your hands.
I also need to ask that you help us create a safe and respectful workplace for our staff, and safe space for clients, family, volunteers, students, donors and visitors.
That means treating staff and others in our facilities with respect and dignity, not engaging in bullying or name calling, and remaining calm in your interactions. Any acts or threats of physical violence, disruptive behaviour, harassment or agreement will absolutely not be tolerated.

We also ask that you protect the privacy of our patients and staff by not taking photos, videos, or audio recordings in our facilities.
It has been a long two years, and we know everyone is tired. We must continue to put kindness first, look out for one another, and do all we can to keep each other healthy and safe.
Take care.

Carolyn Plummer
HHHS president and CEO