EH! to address wetlands and politics at their AGM

By Clem Grob
It’s no secret that the Gull River often floods in the spring, leaving residents and business owners worried about when the next will be.
A natural feature of Haliburton County can help prevent floods, said Leora Berman, founder of The Land Between and Turtle Guardians.
“Muskoka and Minden experienced massive flooding which correlates to a lack of wetlands to soak up excess waters,” she said. These wetlands are “vital to our future.”
This is one of the points Berman will be addressing at Enviroment Haliburton!’s Annual General Meeting held virtually on Nov. 24 at 7 p.m.
Environment Haliburton! is an organization focused on environmental issues in Haliburton county, working to preserve Haliburton’s natural environment.
Each year, Haliburton residents are invited to join their AGM, where board members discuss current issues, future goals, and allow a chance for members of the community to voice their questions and concerns.
To start the AGM, Berman will be a keynote speaker discussing all things “Wetlands and Politics.”
In her presentation, Berman will discuss important wetlands in the county and how they are being governed.
Even more recently, Bill 23, or the More Homes Built Faster Act proposed wide scale changes in the province’s land use regulations.
Berman said Bill 23 will take away the ability for Ontarians to decide what happens to wetlands.
“Recognized experts have said [Bill 23] is unnecessary as there is sufficient land in the Greater Golden Horseshoe to meet needs even with increased immigration. There are great examples of ways to balance housing and conservation – Muskoka and Lanark are leaders in these arenas, and we can do the same,” Berman said.
Following Berman’s talk, a question and answer period will occur, and the AGM will proceed.
The president of Environment Haliburton!, Susan Hay, commented on some upcoming changes to the organization. “We have five new qualified members looking to join the board,” Hay said. “It’s going to bring big changes, fresh ideas and enthusiasm.”
In the upcoming year, the organization will continue to raise awareness about the “climate catastrophe,” and “urge leaders to make more ambitious climate goals,” said Hay.
To register for Environment Haliburton!’s AGM, visit