Work begins on Irondale Bridge

By Angelica Ingram

Published July 12 2016

The following are brief reports of items discussed at the July 11 meeting of Highlands East council.

Construction to replace the East Irondale Bridge has begun transportation director Earl Covert reported to council.
The road was marked closed as of July 4 and on July 5 the bridge was removed.
Covert said he could not speak to when exactly the project would be finished.
The total cost of the project is approximately $678208 with almost half being covered by the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund.

Councillors have voted against entering into a boundary agreement with the township of Minden Hills until more information is brought forward.
The agreement identifies Line Drive Road as a boundary road between the two municipalities and provides access to property owners in both Highlands East and Minden Hills according to Covert’s report.
The proposed bylaw would establish the maintenance schedule for the two municipalities with Minden Hills taking care of winter maintenance and Highlands East responsible for the rest of the year.

Defined as a class 6 road Line Drive Road doesn’t require minimum maintenance standards with the municipality’s only requirement to keep it safe.
Ward 3 Councillor Cec Ryall was vocally opposed to the agreement saying it originally stemmed from a request to put up a fence next to the Irondale Community Centre.
“This is unnecessary legislation that is of no value” he said. “It’s bureaucracy going in a direction that’s all wrong.”

Chief administrative officer/treasurer Shannon Hunter said whether or not councillors agreed with it it is a boundary road which is a joint responsibility.
Other councillors requested more information on the matter including a map of the road.
Ryall requested a recorded vote.
He voted not in favour of the bylaw as did Deputy-reeve Suzanne Partridge and Councillor Joan Barton. Councillor Cam McKenzie voted in favour as did Reeve Dave Burton.
The bylaw was not passed.
A motion was passed to bring more information at the next council meeting.