Supporters of the short film Boundless were invited to a private screening at the Abbey Gardens Little Pit Drive-In on Oct. 2. The film, created by Haliburton’s Kate Campbell, tells the story of women pilots during the Second World War. It is being entered into film festivals around the world. /Photo submitted by Tammy Rea

Women pilots’ story airs at Boundless private screening

By Jenn Watt

Supporters of Boundless, a film by creator/director Kate Campbell of Haliburton, came out to the Little Pit Drive-In at Abbey Gardens on Friday, Oct. 2 for a private screening.

Boundless, a short film about women pilots during the Second World War, is being entered into international film festivals. Although the story is fiction, women pilots did serve during the war, a piece of history frequently overlooked.

The score was created with musicians playing individually for Nick Russell, the sound engineer, who sent the recordings to L.A., where they were put together by the composer, said Tammy Rea of Sticks and Stones Productions.

“The first time the musicians heard the music being played as a group was hearing it in this screening,” she said via email.
Three local women were involved with the shoot: Anabelle Craig, Joey Varga and Hannah Sadlier.

“The 10-minute short stars Dini Petty,” Rea said, “the first woman to broadcast traffic and fly the helicopter at the same time. She flew her pink helicopter to deliver traffic reports in Toronto at the start of her career.”

Local organizations supporting the project include HCDC, the Haliburton Legion and the Haliburton County Folk Society.