Two symphonies are better than one

To the Editor

Last Saturday evening I experienced the joy the richness the local musical talent the sense of community and the dedication at the presentation of The Highlands Chamber Orchestra’s Roots at the Northern Lights Pavilion in Haliburton.
Last Saturday evening after the first concert I experienced a second symphony. I experienced the joy the richness the vibrancy at the presentation of the first snowfall in the Highlands as I drove back in the darkness to my cottage on Eagle Lake with a blast of winter whiteness.
Both “symphonies” woke me up to the sacredness of slowness to heightened sensations of sound and sight  to  life’s beauty. Both kept me focused and connected to my breath. With both symphonies I experienced the wonder as if for the very first time.
“Two are better than one.” Ecclesiastes.

Barbara Rosen
Eagle Lake