Trial by Jury to bring laughs to Haliburton

By Angelica Ingram

March 14 2017

It’s been close to 60 years since Bill Gliddon made his first appearance in Trial by Jury and in just a few weeks Haliburton’s beloved musical theatre director will be back at the helm of the production.

On April 2 5 and 7 St. George’s Anglican Church will be hosting a spring concert featuring Trial by Jury a Gilbert and Sullivan production.

Gliddon who is the director and pianist of the production says Trial by Jury represents only part of the program.

“We’re doing a spring concert …  and the proceeds are going to St. George’s and local outreach” he said.

The show includes support from Highlands Little Theatre St. George’s choir and friends.

Some of the performers include Hannah Klose Christopher Chumbley Guy Pritchard Wayne Cooper Ruth Carter and David Zilstra.

The musical takes the audience on a journey of laughs and twists and turns with characters such as 12 jury men and a gaggle of bridesmaids.

“It makes fun of British court system back in the 1800s which Gilbert and Sullivan love to do; make fun of all the British institutions” said Gliddon.

The play focuses on two main characters played by Klose and Chumbley who are the defendant and plaintiff.

“The defendant has done a breach of promise because he’s left the plaintiff on the steps of the altar on their wedding day” said Gliddon.

Klose and Chumbley are no strangers to the stage or to playing romantic interests with one another.

The judge will be played by Pritchard who turns out to be less than honest himself.

“It’s very comical” said Gliddon.

The same production was performed back in 1958 with Gliddon playing both the pianist and the judge.

“It takes me back a long time ago because it was the very first Gilbert and Sullivan thing that I was ever involved in” he said. “It was when I was in Grade 13 … I played the piano and I was also the judge. It was tricky.”

Gliddon has fond memories of the high school production and is sure to make more with the upcoming one.

“I’ve said this before but this will probably be my last endeavour with Gilbert and Sullivan” he said. “But we’ll see never say never.”

For the production Gliddon has composed a special arrangement of O Canada to honour the country’s sesquicentennial. There will also be a special number to honour the 150th anniversary of Dysart written by Gliddon titled Haliburton Hills.

“I want to especially honour Hannah and Pat Piché who will be leaving us after this year so I’ve got them singing a couple of songs” said Gliddon.

The play is family friendly and about 40 minutes long with the entire production to take about an hour and 45 minutes.

Tickets for Trial by Jury are $15 and can be purchased at Master’s Bookstore in Haliburton.

The April 2 performance will be a matinee starting at 2 p.m. while the April 5 and 7 shows begin at 7:30 p.m.