Todd’s Independent grocer launches online shopping tool

By Angelica Ingram

Published July 24 2018

It’s been two months since Todd’s Independent Grocer launched their new online shopping option called PC Express and one customer has already used it 17 times.

The shopping option went live in Haliburton on the May long weekend and since then the store has heard nothing but positive feedback said store owner Steve Todd.

“Some of the good feedback that we get is that we do pick really good product” he said. “Produce for instance we’ve gotten lots of compliments on the produce we pick. People have said we pick it better than even they would.”

Overseen by store employee Tanya Titus the program is available from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. with shoppers able to build their cart online whenever and wherever they want.

They simply go online and choose a time slot for pickup (the store has a two-hour minimum to prepare the order) and enter their credit card information. They can also choose to pay by debit in the parking lot or by cash in the store.

Titus said the store is sent the grocery list including “where in the store to go and locate the groceries.”

Once the store employee completes the shopping list they will call the customer to let them know if any substitutions were made she said.

“Generally speaking the first couple of people that have come they are dedicated. They’re repeat shoppers. We have one customer who’s already used it 17 times. Sometimes he uses it twice a week” she said.
Todd said the program is geared toward those with a busy lifestyle. Titus said so far it’s been primarily used by local shoppers.

Customers can also be specific about what they want or don’t want.

“If they want a two-inch steak then they can put that in the comment field” said Todd. “If they want just organic produce or no substitutions they can put that in. So it’s all catered as if you were in the store shopping.”

They also can add items after they’ve submitted their online order or request the groceries be packed in their own reusable bags.

There is a $30 minimum purchase requirement. Prices online are the same as in the store. The fee for online shopping is $3 on weekdays and $5 on weekends. The fee is waived for first-time shoppers.
Titus said there is a bag of goodies customers get when they shop online as well as a free bottle of water.

PC Optimum points are still acquired by shopping online and can be redeemed online.
“All the benefits of in-store [shopping]” Todd said.

The website for the store is .