The Hawks Robotics team recently competed at the FIRST 2017 Ontario District North Bay FRC Event from April 6 to 8. The team is pictured with their robot Nautilus: Ian Griffin left Dan Fockler (faculty advisor) Brandon Verstege (team captain) Betty Paton (programmer) Alex Kim Eric Wootton Alex Sharp Jordan Lapierre Cullen Johnston and Dan Gimon (advisor). Absent for the photo was Jonas Hill and Sam Longo./DARREN LUM Staff

Through the eyes of deer

Published Aug. 14 2018

To the Editor

On Aug. 3 my husband Ben Guenther and myself Jamie Guenther including our employee Sandra Harris were all blessed to capture this beautiful photo of a mother deer and her babies. When I look at the photo I see a family being able to come out from hiding from this extreme heat that has been going on all summer. They get to enjoy the feel of cool grass on their hooves. The mother gets to get back into teaching her babies things. They get to enjoy swimming. The mother gets to be able to have some time to gather food. Plus she gets to find a cool shelter. It’s hard in situations like that. It’s almost like that show Alone. The mother and her babies have to try to survive and make the best of what they can for that time. It’s hard at nights to keep cool if you don’t have fans and air conditioners. Image how a deer must feel at night trying to keep cool and her family cooled from overheating. We are not the only ones dealing with this hot summer wildlife is dealing with the same thing too. Thanks to customers Barb and Bill for having such beautiful wildlife.

Jamie Guenther