Student work honoured by Haliburton Legion

By Jenn Watt

Anthony Crofts and Chester Howse led a ceremony to recognize the literary and visual arts work done by area students during the annual Youth Educational Awards Night at the Haliburton Legion on Friday April 26. Students were given certificates and financial prizes for their winning posters poems and essays about Remembrance Day. The top winners from Haliburton had their work submitted to zone and district levels. More than $1200 in prize money was given out.

Contest winners for 2018

Poem Contest Winners: Erik Morrison (first senior; placed first at zone); Campbell Smith (first intermediate); Savannah Byers (second intermediate); Evelyn Vanderstarre (third intermediate); Tate Smith (first junior; placed first at zone; placed second at district); Naiomi Bainbridge (second junior); Anabelle Borgdorff (third junior).

Essay Contest Winners: Aiden Hill (first intermediate; placed first at zone); Tate Smith (first junior; placed second at zone); Sophia Burke (second junior).

Colour Poster Contest Winners: Jessica Byers (first senior; placed first at zone; placed second at district); Izzy Hill (first intermediate; placed second at zone); Kylie Brohm (second intermediate); Amberlyn Needham (third intermediate); Clare Phippen (first junior); Rosie Lafleur (second junior); Evan Jones (third junior); Annika Gervais (first primary; placed third at zone); Emma Drury (second primary); Anika Suke (third primary).

Black and White Poster Contest Winners: Jocelyn Chumbley (first intermediate); Savannah Byers (second intermediate); Kylie Brohm (third intermediate); Evan Jones (first junior; placed third at zone); Lara Gallant (second junior); Chase Winder (third junior); Luke Gruppe (first primary; placed second at zone); Lyla Degeer (second primary); Parker Holden (third primary).