Striking at team goals for success

The Red Hawks junior soccer players run for a loose ball in a throw-in drill during a practice on Wednesday April 29 at the Gary G. Brohman Athletic Field in Haliburton. The juniors and seniors will host the Spartans of Lindsay Collegiate Vocational Institute for their home opener. Games start with seniors at 3 p.m. followed by the juniors./DARREN LUM Staff

This season will be more than just wins and losses says the Red Hawks junior girls’ soccer team head coach Amy Klose

She said rather than focusing on the season record the team is intent on setting its sights on hitting team goals to measure progress this season.

The team decided to focus on ball possession and communication which is the hallmark of a good team she said.

The team’s ability to execute will be measured through game tallies that will be taken by players not in the lineup. They will record number of passes and where they are made to “wins of ball.”

Although the team opened its season with a road loss the team will benefit from early information gathered through the statistics collection.

The coach has noticed the team’s tendency to work the ball up the middle of the field. She will be encouraging her players to use the wings more.

Klose who has been impressed by the team’s “raw” talent said the team has athleticism and pace.
“There’s lots of fitness lots of speed so we’re in good shape” she said.