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Special spirit of performance 

Published Oct. 10 2017

To the Editor

It is a joy and a privilege to be able to sing and I love to do it. It’s also a lot of work to put together on your own an evening’s entertainment: booking musicians then venue; choosing and charting tunes; creating and distributing posters; contacting media; sending emails; and then paying musicians even if the door charge doesn’t cover it. But the good and faithful who do support you can create a special spirit; an intimate group bonded by bonhomie and music that demonstrates talent and invention rarely heard opening and delighting the mind. I’m speaking of the musicians who backed me up Saturday Sept. 30 making simple notes and us come so alive.

Thank you to Mike Allen and Ron Johnston for their phenomenal ability and sense of fun; to the family of audience who created a wonderful night to remember; to Rick of the Minden Legion; to Canoe FM; to the Haliburton Echo; and to Laura Trach’s Orange Cat Studio for the red dress of magic.

Zoe Chilco