Special public meeting this Thursday

To the Editor …

The Municipality of Dysart et al has called an important public meeting for 9 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 29 to hear the Harburn Holdings application for an Official Plan and zoning bylaw change that would pave the way for lot severance and construction of 88 condo units and commercial units on a thin ribbon of land adjacent to the Grass Lake wetlands. We urge interested parties to attend by Zoom, as noted below.
Hundreds of area residents are against this proposal, which infringes on a fragile natural area of critical ecological function of service to Haliburton Village and the Lake Kashagawigamog watershed. Nine hundred people have signed two petitions opposing the application and urging both Dysart council and Haliburton County to adopt green infrastructure planning to ensure that the environment receives the highest level of protection in land use planning.
Public announcements about this potentially precedent setting decision have been minimal. We strongly encourage interested residents to attend by Zoom on Sept. 29. Members of the public wishing to watch the meeting can do so by joining the live-stream link, available on the municipality of Dysart’s website on the day of the meeting: dysartetal.civicweb.net/portal/.
Members of the public wishing to participate and make comments/speak at the meeting regarding the proposed amendments need to pre-register by emailing korsan@dysartetal.ca before 4 p.m. on Sept. 28.

Yours in responsible
environmental stewardship,
Don Ross on behalf of
The Friends of Grass Lake