The 60th annual men’s Skyline Bonspiel filled the Haliburton Curling Club with 24 teams – three from Haliburton County on the weekend of Jan. 19 to 21. The team pictured here from Lakefield were dubbed the “fancy pants” team by another curler. /SUE TIFFIN Staff

Skeptical about new technology announcement

To the Editor
RE:  Deus ex machina

I was present during the “press conference” held at Pinestone on last Wednesday Jan. 27.

I did not know what it would be about but was anticipating an understandable presentation.  In my opinion the presentation was not professionally done nor was it in my opinion informative.

The presentation was in regard to two “machines” (one complete with red blinking lights) that would be of great significance not just to Haliburton but to the whole world (if they worked).

The description of these machines and what they could do and how they did it was very nebulous and somewhat mysterious but the first was touted as being able once started on its own to produce storable power through a type of magnetic flux system and as to the other able to destroy “superbugs” including the zika virus.

The operation of each was said to be simple and highly effective.

There apparently is a “possible” pending deal for orders for the generator type machine with India and hopefully with Ghana.

There was a general request to the community to be supportive of the technology and hopefully with such support to have these units produced in Haliburton. The type of support was not fully outlined but possibly involves transferring some land.

If such technology can be proven to be real and effective it certainly deserves support but based on what I got out of the release and some research keep in mind that “if it sounds too good to be true” or “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” or as someone once said to me “don’t eat that Elmer that’s horse …”

The only power that I am aware of that can create something out of nothing is not readily believed in so until I see more I’m from Missouri.

David M. Bishop