Joe Flagg left and Murray Lee perform in the second annual Battle of the Bands Skatepark fundraiser held on Feb. 24 at the AJ LaRue Community Centre in Haliburton. The pair were one of seven performances of the night. ANGELICA INGRAM Staff

Skate park gets ready to roll

By Darren Lum

Published by Sept. 12 2017

Construction is set to begin on the Haliburton Junction Skate Park close to the first week of October said Dysart et al’s recreation program co-ordinator Andrea Mueller.
“I think we’re really excited and see that we finally reached our goal having the skate park. It’s something … anybody … can use especially the youth in our community” she said.
Mueller said construction will take from four to six weeks to complete by Radius Contracting Incorporated depending on the weather.

The original design has evolved to include elevation changes and has an enhanced flow.
“You can ride from one end to the other doing something a trick or a feature without having to stop” she said.
The list of permanent features were increased and include ledges a mini-quarter pipe grind boxes rails a bowl that is a little more than one metre deep and a few rollers Mueller said.
These changes were made in response to the skateboard park committee’s requests. It was designed for more than just skateboarders as it also accommodates scooters rollerbladers and BMX bikes. This park will be ideal for beginners to advanced riders/skaters. The final design was sent to the township earlier this summer. The approximately 6000-square-foot park will use a special grade of concrete and will have its edges on the perimeter reinforced for greater robustness.
It will be located close to the Haliburton County  Emergency Medical Services station in the former ball diamond between the arena and the township office. The addition is part of greater enhancement of the area which most recently included A.J. LaRue Arena receiving its new entranceway created by Haliburton School of Art and Design students and paid for by Rotary Club of Haliburton.
What started as a $75000 project has grown into a $210000 project.
Mueller said the park’s cost has grown out of necessity.
“That was going with the old location” she said referring to the site close to the library.
“When we realized that the groundwork would be $30000 before we saw anything above ground it was like what’s the point so we increased it to $150000. It’s grown to [$210000].”
Mueller said there has been $170000 fundraised but the township is still accepting financial donations and will accept flexible terms of payment so donations do not need to be paid in one lump sum.
Donations an also be in-kind donations such as materials or accommodations for the crew of Radius Contracting Incorporated. They require accommodation for up to four people for part of or all of the time required. Every little bit helps Mueller said.
Contact Mueller at or phone her at 705-457-1740 ext. 35.

Donations of $50 or more will receive a tax receipt. A donor wall will be erected at the site and include donors who give more than $1000. Donations will be accepted at the township office or by mail: Haliburton Junction Skate Park 135 Maple Avenue P.O. Box 389 Haliburton ON K0M 1S0.
There are tentative plans for a fundraiser event before December and like other years the Battle of the Bands is scheduled for this coming February.
Mueller and the township appreciate any help which has come from individuals and local businesses.
She said the Beer Store in Haliburton has facilitated  the collection of money from donated empties at the request of donors to contribute to the skate park.
Total Site Services has committed to providing in-kind services in the form of site-preparation work Mueller said.
Once the park is built there will be workshops held with fees to help pay for the remaining balance for the project.

There will be a ceremonial grand opening this spring she said.
This project will enhance what the village offers.
“Family can spend some time there and even if everyone can’t use the skate park they can use the surrounding area as well” she said.