The Birch Point Lodge opened on Lake Kashagawigamog in 1922 and closed in 2003. Back in the day Tim Hagarty says he and his family would visit Birch Point for $22 a week with three home cooked meals a day included in the cost. Birch Point was one of 17 resorts on Kashagawigamog and Canning Lake in the mid-20th century. Today only three remain. /PHOTO SUBMITTED

Residents recognized for saving woman’s life

By Jenn Watt

Published July 5 2016

Barry Miscio and Joe Voicey were recognized last month for their heroic efforts in saving the life of Darlene McConnell.

In December 2014 the two men were on their way to work driving down the Barry Line when they saw smoke rising above the treetops of Dunloe Farm bed and breakfast.
“[Barry] wanted to make sure no one was in there because all of their vehicles were in the yard so he ran around to the front and went in the front door and all the black smoke just came billowing out” Barry’s wife Paula told the Echo at the time.

The men had called 911 upon arrival but when they heard McConnell yelling from inside the house they decided to act before firefighters arrived.
“You could hear the flames crackling so I’m screaming and screaming and this voice [was at] the door saying ‘lady lady lady your house is on fire you have got to get out here now’” McConnell told the Echo days after the event.
Miscio and Voicey both made their way into the house Miscio in front with Voicey holding onto him so he wouldn’t get lost. Miscio crawled on the floor feeling his way through until he found McConnell who had become disoriented in the smoke.

“Dysart et al fire chief Miles Maughan indicated that given the seriousness of the fire and the time restraints for [the fire department’s] arrival both Barry and Joe should be hailed as heroes as they did save Mrs. McConnell’s life” a press release from the Ontario Provincial Police reads.
On June 17 the two men were recognized by police in a formal ceremony at the annual Central Region OPP Awards.