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Letter to the editor: Reader targeted in credit card scam

Published Oct. 16 2018

To the Editor

At 8:20 a.m. on Saturday Oct. 2 2018 I received a very legitimate sounding phone call from TD Credit Card Fraud Dept. informing me that there had been two charges on my account … the first was for $300 for purchases on eBay the second was for $1100 for “Itunes International.”

Subsequently I spoke with two young men – the first (David) to assure me that they would immediately cancel my current card and send me a new one in three business days. I said I would go immediately to the bank to deal with this but he assured me the steps were already in process and he was transferring my call to his supervisor to complete the process. They both confirmed my name street address and phone number and the first four numbers of my credit card. (All TD Visa Cards have the same four numbers at the beginning.)

When I asked the second man (Mark) how this could possibly happen as I don’t have a computer have never had a computer and will never have a computer he became agitated argumentative and then the line went dead.

Follow up to this event included:

The officer with whom I spoke said there has been an increase in these types of calls recently in this area – so I urge everyone to continue to be vigilant wary and give no one your information on the phone.

Cheryl Cohoon