Property not suited for concerts

To the Editor

Are you aware of the possible rezoning of Lakeside Golf Course on Highway 118 in West Guilford to become a concert venue for 10000 plus people and camping and the mess?
What will this do to the community as we know it? Our enjoyment of relaxing evenings will be gone and trying to go anywhere with the added traffic will be horrendous.
It will put a great strain on our already burdened landfills. It could also affect our health services within our community. We have one ambulance on 24 hours a day and a second one for 12 hours a day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.  We have one doctor at the hospital on weekends.
The new OPP billing is $200.51 per household plus 60/40 split per call. We have an 86 per cent increase over five years already. What will the added calls for policing related to these events add to our taxes?
How will our fire services respond to calls if they don’t have sufficient water supply? We have volunteers who work very hard to protect us. Therefore we have to ensure they have a sufficient water supply on site for their safety and ours.
Can they facilitate a proper healthy place at these events and fresh water for all the people? What about sewage?
Is this worth a few fulltime positions and possibly some part-time work?
If you have questions or concerns please contact our representatives on council at Dysart et al and let them know! Ward 4 is without representation on this matter. Where does that leave that vote?
John and Joan Bell