Our capacity for creativity

July 2 2014

By Lynda Shadbolt

I recently walked the Sculpture Forest over the  at the college in the early morning and found myself contemplating our capacity as human beings for being creative.
I am pretty sure that the School of the Arts is based on the idea that every single person has a creative capacity in his or her heart mind and feelings. And that we all need ways to tap into that creativity and imagination and when we do it influences  what we see in the world and how we experience the world.
I’ve walked the Sculpture Forest many times but not in the early morning for a long time and so I had a fresh experience of every sculpture.
One of them called  Guardians of the Forest that was installed in 2004 has always been curious to me.  I really never had any connection to it and never understood why it was chosen and what the artist was saying.

On this morning as I walked down the very lush green path I came upon the sculpture and my breath was taken away by the colours and the contours of  Guardians of the Forest.
It was the way the light was hitting it.  It was stunning. And I thought about the artist and the intention and work that went into creating the piece.
I wondered what he was inviting every visitor  to experience and feel as they walked by his sculpture. I do believe every person who walks through that forest can only see what their mind allows them to see.

Our minds can be open and expansive and receptive or can be closed fixed judgmental etc.
I think that having  creative  pursuits in our  lives as a regular practice can  expand our ways of seeing and experiencing  art  and of seeing and feeling  the world.
On this particular morning as I explored the many beautiful sculptures I was full of appreciation for this one-of-a-kind art exhibit.
There is nowhere else in the world that has this combination of  unique sculptures in a forest by a lake.
The two new sculptures that have been installed this year  are so beautiful and interesting and I felt more creative just by sitting and being with them.

The possibilities for being creative are endless. There has to be some kind of relationship between our imaginations and insight.
Mathew Fox has always said it is our creative spirits and energy that will save the world whether it is the world in your own family or the challenges our planet faces on a daily basis.
It’s the capacity of the human mind to constantly be receiving inspiration and then expressing solutions possibilities alternatives hope and love and so much more.

Our Sculpture Forest is a gem.  Two new beautiful timber frame pavilions welcome you as you enter from the college or from the museum.  The gates say “this is a very special place that is really loved come on in and be inspired.”
We are lucky people in this county!  I hope that everyone can take the time to enjoy  all the creative expression that is about to happen all over our county this summer.
It can only help your own individual creative energy expand!  And we all want to be expanding as opposed to shrinking!