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By Angelica Ingram

Calling all thespians theatre lovers and dramatic critics.

This November the Highlands Little Theatre will be hosting the Eastern Ontario Drama League’s Festival of One-Act Plays showcasing theatre groups from across the region in Haliburton County.

Taking place Nov. 6 to 8 the festival will include nine plays performed by eight of the league’s members including Kingston Peterborough and Belleville.

Rotating to different locations every year the festival has never been held in Haliburton before said HLT committee member Amy Brohm.

The idea to bring it to the Highlands came from John Neving former HLT chairman who has since left the county.

“It was something he started working on before he left” said Brohm.

The play being performed by HLT is one written by local community member Fay Martin titled Oh Annie starring Sue Tiffin Lauren Forbes and April Martin.

Set in 1922 the storyline follows three women in Minden and could take place in modern day times.

“It’s about a woman named Annie Angus who is a real person” said Brohm. “It’s a fictionalized story about her.”

The story covers issues that are pertinent in today’s age said Brohm who is the stage manager for the production.

“We keep commenting on a lot of the issues they talk about are relevant today” she said.
The play is being directed by David McGill.

Each production during the festival will be adjudicated by a theatre professional with the Haliburton production being critiqued by Carey Nicholson who has been involved in performing arts for more than 35 years.

The plays will be performed in three blocks of three performances starting Friday evening and continuing on Saturday afternoon and then finishing on Saturday evening. All performances will take place at the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion.

“It will be a great weekend of theatre” said festival committee member David Zilstra. “One-act plays are interesting because they tell a story in more abbreviated fashion than a two- or three-act performance.”

Each play will be no longer than an hour in length and will showcase a variety of genres including history drama and comedy.

An awards presentation will take place on Sunday following a brunch at the Bonnie View Inn.

“These are top drawer shows” said Zilstra. “So you can expect some really good theatre.”

“I think it’s going to be a really fun weekend” said Brohm. “I’m looking forward to seeing as many plays as I can.”

Tickets are $20 for a block of three performances or $70 for a weekend pass that entitles you to see all the performances and includes Sunday brunch at Bonnie View Inn.

Tickets can be purchased by calling Jim Frost at 705-457-4031.  For more information on the festival visit or