New online 50/50 monthly lottery is a win-win for health care in our community

By Lisa Tompkins
HHHS Foundation has just completed its 2nd monthly online lottery event, and it’s proving to be a win-win for health care in the community, with 50% of the funds raised going to a monthly winner, and the other 50% supporting local hospital and health care priority medical equipment needs here in Haliburton County.
Tickets can be purchased for $20.00 for 100 ticket numbers, $10.00 for 20 ticket numbers, or $5.00 for 5 ticket numbers. The ticket sales website provides real-time information on the estimated take-home prize for the month, as well as indicating the time remaining to purchase tickets.
It’s important to note that there is a brand new 50/50 lottery event each month; the jackpot resets for each monthly draw, and ticket sales start anew. Tickets purchased are eligible for the monthly draw event in which they are purchased, and do not gain the purchaser entry into future 50/50 draws.
While the 50/50 ticket purchase format is designed primarily for online sales, tickets can now also be purchased in-person at the HHHS Foundation Haliburton office, through the use of a dedicated hand-held sales device.

How will the funds raised be used? Funds raised will support the Foundation’s established fundraising priorities for health care capital equipment this year, including new Workstations on Wheels (“WoWs”) for the new Clinical Information System (CIS) being implemented at both Haliburton and Minden hospital sites in December. This initiative, in partnership with a number of other hospitals in the central east region, will provide patients and their entire care teams to real-time access to each patient’s health information in one place. The new CIS means:One digital record for each patient across seven hospital organizations in the central east region.
Patient access to a user-friendly and secure portal called MyChart, to view their health information and upcoming appointments.

Implementation of evidence-based best practices across the care continuum.
Timely access to information to support clinical decision-making, including test results, medication information and other essential health information.
Improvements in patient safety features, including barcode identity validation at the patient’s bedside.
Less duplication and more efficient processes, contributing to a more sustainable health system.
The WoWs themselves are ergonomic technology carts, practical for patient care workflow, and an important component of the new CIS delivery; as a tool for medical professionals, they can house both the digital medical record technology equipment, as well as have the potential for carrying other medical equipment and supplies.
Other identified equipment for fundraising to benefit patient care this year also includes some enhancement/expansion to the recently implemented Cardiac Telemetry equipment, as well as support for Long Term Care – accessible bathtubs, and new call-bell technology for residents’ rooms.
With fundraising initiatives like the new 50/50 lottery, and the ongoing support of a generous community, it’s definitely a win for health care.

Amanda Dovell of West Guilford is our latest 50/50 lottery winner, with winning ticket B-3449048. Tickets for the September 50/50 draw are available now until 11:59pm September 30, with the grand prize draw taking place on October 1.
HHHS Foundation 5050 raffle lottery, LIC# RAF1207576, is an online monthly charity raffle in support of the purchase of priority capital equipment for local hospital and health care facilities. Purchasers must be in the province of Ontario at the time of ticket purchase, and must be 18 years of age or older to participate. Visit to see full rules of play or to purchase tickets, or call 705-457-1580 for more information.