Monthly hydro rebates available to low-income households

By Mike Baker

Heat Bank Haliburton County is reminding low-income area residents they may be eligible for a year-round hydro rebate.

The Ontario Electricity Support Program [OESP] is a government-led initiative designed to help make hydro bills more manageable for those living on a strict budget. Eligibility depends on how many people live inside the household in question and the total household income.

Those who qualify could receive between $40 and $75 every month to offset their hydro costs.

There are four different income thresholds in which individuals can qualify. Anyone who makes under $28,000 a year immediately qualifies for some level of funding, starting at $45 if only one person lives in the household, and rising to $75 if six people live in the household.

A minimum $40 monthly credit is available to households of two people who make between $28,001 and $39,000 annually, a minimum of $35 monthly is available to households of at least three people who make between $39,001 and $48,000 annually, while a minimum of $35 is also made available to households of at least five people who collectively make between $48,001 and $52,000 annually.

All income is calculated at net value (meaning after taxes have been taken) and does not include child tax benefits. The OESP does not affect Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program income.

To check your eligibility or to apply for a rebate, visit, or contact Heat Bank Haliburton County staff at 705-306-0565 or for further assistance.