MHCCF invites concerned public to upcoming meeting

To the Editor,

In the last few weeks more than 30 friends of the Minden Hills Cultural Centre (MHCC) concerned with recent events at the MHCC came together to collaborate on a vision for its future. Out of this collaboration, a clear vision and a plan for its achievement were developed along with a presentation to Minden Hills council.This presentation is now on the agenda of the council’s April 28th meeting.
The friends of MHCC is a diverse group representing local interested citizens and organizations supporting the Agnes Jamieson Gallery, the Minden Hills Museum and Heritage Village, Nature’s Place as well as artists and members of the education and environmental communities. This partnership has resulted in a shared plan for the growth and development of MHCC which collectively we believe will provide a valuable contribution to Minden Hills and the extended community going forward.
We encourage all interested parties to attend the council meeting (please check the Minden Hills web site for meeting details) and we look forward to further dialog with the council, Minden Hills township staff and the community at large on our recommendations.
We would like to thank everyone for their contributions to the presentation. We will publish the presentation when released by the council and provide updates going forward on our web site

Neil Briggs,
President on behalf of the directors of
The Minden Hills Cultural Centre Foundation