‘Little Library’ idea accepted
in Highlands East

By Fred Groves

They are called Little Libraries but there is nothing minuscule about a new idea that is coming to the Municipality of Highlands East.
At the Sept. 14 regular council meeting, Economic Development Co-ordinator Joanne Vanier received approval from council to go ahead with the creation of a Little Free Library Pilot Project.
According to Vanier, the project has been well received in other municipalities including Peterborough where users can simply take a book, return it, of if they have a favourite, leave it for someone else to enjoy.
“They are common all through the world. I’ve done some investigation in Peterborough where 25 little libraries have been placed by the Rotary Club,” explained Vanier.
The Highlands East Pilot Project will be located at Cardiff near the Community Centre and will cost about $300 to kick off. That includes a $40 fee to get a charter sign, and those who take advantage of the Little Library will than be able to access an on-line map to see where other similar libraries are located.
“I think this is an excellent idea and it’s not costing us a lot of money,” said Councillor Cam McKenzie who thanked Vanier for her research on the project.
McKenzie suggested that a monitoring system be put in place just to see how many residents are using the Little Library to which Vanier said a visitors’ log book could be made available.
“I think this is awesome. The community utilizes them and they are easy to operate,” said Deputy-Mayor Cecil Ryall.
Although it is not certain at this time when the Little Free Library will be ready to open, in presenting her report to council, Vanier noted that a small free-standing box, preferably with a door to save off in-climate weather would have to be constructed.