Unfriendly parking

Published Feb. 26 2019

To the Editor

I came to Haliburton for a chiropractic appointment Friday afternoon. I parked at a meter on Highland Street and proceeded to try to reach the meter by walking down a slushy road to a wee shovelled spot by a homeowner through a snowbank enabling me to walk back to the meter. A toonie later I returned to the spot to access the road to get back to my car. I could not open the passenger door due to the wide snowbank.

After the appointment I moved my car to make some purchases down Maple Avenue. Returning to the main part of Highland Street to get to the Village Barn I climbed the snowbank to get to the pay box. I followed all instructions put in my toonie time of parking came up on the screen pushed the button but no ticket came. Pushed cancel to start all over again – no toonie. I asked three folks passing by and no one could make it work. I wrote a note saying “You have my toonie – I have no ticket! You owe me!” and put it on my dashboard. I then climbed back over the snowbank to reach the Village Square whose entrance was snow covered and slushy.

Now really! What would it have cost the municipality to have cleared the entrance of the Village Square supposedly a meeting spot in Haliburton! Why when you clear the roads can’t you remove those snowbanks and clear the sidewalks (as they do in Minden)? What do you do with the money from those parking tickets? I know it has been a strange winter but it is the Highlands! I am an over 80-year-old senior and don’t need any more walking restrictions! It doesn’t work for me to park free below the main street and climb up in the winter.

Remember municipality should I ever return to shop in Haliburton I have a “toonie” parking credit!

Lois Rigney

Canning Lake