Fines needed for misusing 911

Published July 23 2019

To the Editor

Where is this world headed? If there really are those who object to receiving the Amber Alerts why? Is keeping one’s eyes open for a make and colour of car too much to fit into a day or is it the tapping the “delete” button that proves overwhelming? Moving on to the utter lack of compassion consider that one day anyone could be standing in that parent’s or other close relative’s shoes. Take a look at the milk cartons that still display the missing children and do the math on how long “missing” can last and reflect on how many people are affected by the loss.
The use of 911 as though one’s minuscule if at all inconvenience is indeed a life-threatening emergency is just beyond the pale. Perhaps considering a $1000 fine for gross misuse of the 911 system would slow that down.

Anne-Marie Borthwick