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The following letter was published July 3 2018

To the Editor

There are truly amazing people in Haliburton.

This week I have had the opportunity to once again see what great and honest people we have in Haliburton. Last week I inadvertently left my iPad on the bench in between Foodland and Shoppers Drug Mart. I was gone for five minutes before I realized it and raced back. Of course it was gone.

I inquired at several of the stores and restaurants around and some took my name in case. I figured it was lost forever as did many of my friends. However through word of mouth via high school students it got back to one of our local doctors. When the person who found it casually mentioned that they found one and wondered what should they do the doctor told them that his son who was in Grade 9 knew one of the people on the contact list.

The couple that found the iPad then called me to see if I knew a certain person and if they had lost something recently. Although baffled at first I soon realized that it was my iPad they had found. I met the wife of the man who found it and a nicer person you couldn’t find. Although I offered a reward she refused stating that she hoped if she had lost something someone would return it to her.

To all who passed the message around to the stores who took my information to the Grade 9 extended French students who spoke about it to one another and got the word out to the doctor who took the time and talked to his patients and most of all to the couple that found and returned it I wish to say a sincere and heartfelt thank you. To me you have shown what the Haliburton community stands for – honesty integrity and kindness. Thank you.

Trudy Hawthorne