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Teachers defending world-class education system

Published Jan. 28 2020

To the Editor

My electricity bill has risen by a whopping 55 per cent as of Nov. 1 2019. Premier Doug Ford made a big deal of accusing the former Liberal government of having their hand in our pockets and how he was going to lower our electricity bills. I remember Ford saying people were having to make a choice between buying food or paying their electric bill. Well I guess he thinks raising the electric bill by 55 per cent will make that choice easier. Another promise made and another promise broken.
On the education front Doug Ford and Education Minister Stephen Lecce keep telling us those bad teachers and their onerous union leaders are only striking for more money. The teachers’ unions are asking for a two per cent raise but Ford passed a law saying they could only have one per cent. Let’s be clear nobody goes on strike for one per cent. The teachers are striking to save a world-class education system from destructive cuts that if implemented as Ford and Lecce would like would gut the public education system of thousands of teachers and include removal of courses needed by students to qualify for college and university not to mention basic life skills. I seem to recall Ford telling us all that nobody would lose their jobs because he will find efficiencies. Well here is a news flash. Teachers have lost their jobs and if Ford has his way thousands more will as well. Promises made promises broken. Ford For The People. LOL.

Stephen Woof