Letter: Stay away from the cottage for now

To the Editor

You can't outrun it. So please don't try.

If you are like myself a cottager this letter is meant for you.

I appreciate why you may wish to open your cottage early and flee the city thinking you can escape the COVID-19 pandemic. We are very fortunate to have a choice and I'm writing to suggest strongly that the wiser choice is to stay home where you have ample resources and access to medical aid if you or a family member require help.

Just think about it. This virus has spread to more than 160 countries across the world in a matter of weeks. You can't outrun it. None of us can. But you can overwhelm the grocery stores and pharmacies in our beloved cottage country.

You can put our nurses and doctors and all the staff who keep us safe each summer in more danger. And you can overload the fragile infrastructure that is desperately trying to take care of the people who live here year-round and call it "Home."

It's this simple: We can't outrun our fear. We can only face it. Please. Stay home. Keep yourself and our loved ones safe.

Thank you.

Sue Bright